Saturday, 9 April 2016


Hi Guys!

If you follow me on instagram or twitter (links->) you will know that I have fallen back in love with Bare Minerals Makeup. I remember being around 15 years old and just getting really involved with makeup and my mum ordering a starter kit from QVC and me just not getting what the hype was, either I wasn't using it correctly, or it just wasn't for me. So it was shoved to one side and I just didn't rate them when it came to makeup brands.

Its fair to say that I have now been totally converted! Now that I know how to use them properly it will be hard for me to look elsewhere! 

My Daytime makeup is now as follows:

Prime Time BB Primer - This has a slight tint of colour to blur out the redness on my face and provide a little bit more coverage.

Complexion Rescue Tinted Gel Cream - Combining skincare benefits and radiant coverage, this is a saviour for my skin. My skin looks healthy, dewy and natural - Perfect for everyday!

Original SPF Foundation - The original award winning foundation is great for me if I'm wanting a little bit of extra coverage on a bad skin day. I just buff a small amount over the complexion rescue for smooth and flawless foundation. This can obviously just be used on its own also and still provides a lovely natural face.

Blemish Remedy Concealer - This little beauty! Newly released by BareMinerals, this full coverage concealer is perfect when a lovely little blemish decides to come and have a party! It helps give precision application and contains goodies like tea tree oil and aspen bark to help heal the blemish. 

Warmth All Over Face Colour - Adds colour and warmth to the face after your foundation. I swipe this around the face and it provides a slight soft contour.

Original SPF25 Mineral Veil Finishing Powder - Providing the ultimate finish to your makeup, the powder offers a glow and almost silky finish to your face.

I could go on and on about all the Bare Minerals products I own and how amazing they are but I think this blog post would be a novel! All I can say is that if you haven't tried it yet, just bite the bullet and trust me - you will not be disappointed. 

I recently had my makeup done at Renaissance Hair and Beauty Salon (Link Here) for Ladies Day at Aintree Race Course and they use Bare Minerals Makeup. And 12 Hours later it was still going strong...

What's your favourite Bare Minerals Products? Do you have an recommendations?


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