Monday, 11 April 2016

Cleansing with @YourTea

Hey Ladies!

Want that little bit of extra help with looking amazing this summer?

I'm currently in the middle of my 3rd round of the @YourTea Tiny Tea 28 Day Teatox. Your tea uses natural herbal blends straight from the earth to ensure you are nourished from the inside - out. Perfect to use as part of a healthy lifestyle. And guess what - no laxatives! Added bonus.

I have only ever use two of the teas available - Tiny Tea and Skin Magic Tea. But there are a wide range of teas available to encourage any lifestyle dilemmas:

  • Tiny Tea (14 Day Teatox) Also available in Gluten Free
  • Tiny Tea (28 day Teatox) Also available in Gluten Free
  • Her Tea (Everyday Tea)
  • Anti - C Tea ( I have this to try after my detox - excited!)
  • Skin Magic Tea
  • Anti-Oxident Tea
  • Man Tea
  • Fertility Tea
  • Breast Friend Tea 
  • Happy Tea
  • Energy Tea
  • Sleep Tea
  • Sex Tea
  • Hangover Tea

Your Tea recommend to drink their teas half an hour before eating a meal, three times a day. I must say I always feel less bloated and groggy if I drink these, even when i have a massive meal with pasta! In terms of weight loss, I did lose a little bit of weight, but I like these more for cleaning out my digestive system. I feel a lot more energised, less bloated and my skin becomes so much clearer.

I am curious to try some of the other tea's available as I'm sure they do exactly what they say on the tin! I received Anti - C Tea (Anti - Cellulite, eek!) free with my order and I'm so excited to try that!

Tiny Tea Teatox's start from £20 at 

Twitter @tinyteatox
Instagram @tinyteatox @yourtea

Have you tried any of their Teas?


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