Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Sali Hughes.. You beauty!

All hail a girls new best friend!

I am so excited that I finally got hold of Sali Hughes - Pretty Honest earlier this week. So excited in fact that as soon as I came home from work, my first question was 'where is it? Where is my amazon order?' Like some psycho lunatic!

I have read so many blogs and YouTube video reviews about this book, I thought it has to be in my hands for me to believe the hype. And oh my god, it's schmazing! I am only at the beginning and I can tell I's going to become a staple. BEAUTY BLOGGERS TAKE NOTE!

Sali Hughes is an award winning beauty god who has been writing for the likes of Elle, Glamour and now The Guardian. She is a consultant to major beauty and fashion brands and Pretty Honest is her first book.

This is a girls guide to all things beauty. From brows to pedis, perfume to waxing, even how to rock the "beauty with an illness" look, she has all areas covered. It's easy to follow chapters make it easy to skip to whatever dilemma you may be facing and instantly have a solution or a pick me up. My personal favourite " To wax or not to wax" with the added quote from Jerry Seinfield about girls being quite happy to have their hairs ripped from the roots, but still be afraid of a spider? I hang my head in shame.

Even though I have only started with this book, I can feel that Sali's personality and the girl's best friend approach really makes this a read for all. I feel like I actually know her! Definitely worth the read and would make a lovely gift.

Thank you Sali Hughes for your words of wisdom.

Pretty Honest is available on Amazon

Liss xx


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