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Good Afternoon!

Skincare is a big deal for me. As a girl with sensitive skin it is essential that I am careful with what I use on my face . You could spend fortunes on expensive foundations and fancy blushers and bronzers, but if you don't take care of what is underneath it -  what's the point? My skincare routines for both morning and night are fairly similar, maybe with a few differences at night time. Even if you're rushed in the morning or can't be bothered taking makeup off at night, CLEAN YOUR FACE! I'll apologise that this post is centred around one particular brand- but this is what works for me :)

Mornings start with the iconic LIZ EARLE HOT CLOTH CLEANSER £14.75 . The multi- award winning cleanser is the one thing that really wakes my face up in the morning, Massage gently into the face for about one minute, remove with the hot muslin cloth included, and finish with a splash of cold water to close the pores - its amazing! Finish with a sweep of the instant boost skin tonic and a pump of light moisturiser- and that's the basics down.  See full details and prices for the basic sets plus travel/try me sizes- Click Here!

Eyes are the window to the soul? Pfft- well after I've given them a little help in hand! Being a contact lense wearer I can sometimes have sore itchy eyes, especially if we have had nice weather, but most of the time its because I've left them in for wayyyyyyyy to long- big no no! So when I wake up with tired and puffy eyes - i reach for this duo! LIZ EARLE EYEBRIGHT £10.75 is a refreshing brightening tonic for tired eyes. Follow with some daily eye repair and your ready for the day. 

Spots! I don't know whether its makeup or just the fact that I have sensitive skin , whatever it is they creep up from time to time. I have tried spot treatments, medicines and topical creams but I have now just learnt that if I going to get them- just deal with it and treat it. Recently I have been using the BARE MINERALS BLEMISH REMEDY to help combat them pesky breakouts. With blemish fighting properties of natural sulphur this effectively addresses blemishes whilst helping to prevent future breakouts from forming. This even has a slight conceal element when used with the brush included! Bonus! 

In the evening I use the same combination plus a little added Liz Earle Superskin concentrate to finish! 

What are your skincare favourites?

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